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  • November 2nd, 2012 Guides Coding for GOOD - SoundCloud API By Paul Osman

    The web has come a long way. We have APIs that allow developers to create amazing applications quickly, and browser technologies have advanced to the point where JavaScript / HTML and CSS are necessary tools for creating apps. Despite this, there's still a skills gap and companies are having an increasingly hard time hiring for technical positions.

    This is the main reason the folks at GOOD teamed up with the Apollo Group to launch Coding for GOOD. A series of coding lessons and final project. Participants with the top three submissions will be flown to Los Angeles to participate in a hackathon. The best of the three hacks may be offered a job at GOOD.

    We were excited when GOOD approached us about contributing a lesson on the SoundCloud API, so I sat down with them in their New York office and did a quick walkthrough on using the JavaScript SDK to create a simple SoundCloud app. Check it out, and if you know of anyone new to using web APIs, have them take a look too.

  • July 25th, 2011 Guides Promoting your app in the SoundCloud App Gallery By Caroline Drucker

    UPDATE: We made some changes to how we manage the App Gallery. Read about them here: The Next App Gallery Update

    So you’ve built a fantastic app that you would like to get showcased in the SoundCloud App Gallery? Here’s what you can do to improve your chances of getting your app featured and increase the likelihood of SoundCloud users trying out your app.


  • April 6th, 2011 Guides Stream and Download By Henrik Lenberg

    UPDATE: Check out our guide on Playing Sounds for the most up to date information.

    This is an introduction to how you can power your app or website with sounds hosted on SoundCloud. Via our API, you get access to millions of different sounds, and in addition to streaming and downloading tracks, you can access meta data and social features like comments and followings.


  • April 6th, 2011 Guides Custom Players By Henrik Lenberg

    UPDATE: Check out our guide on Playing Sounds for the most up to date information.

    We think the default audio widget from SoundCloud already is one of the sexiest on the web. But maybe you need something a bit simpler or complex and want to tailor the player to your needs. This is where the idea of "custom players" comes into play.


  • April 5th, 2011 Guides Sharing Sounds By Henrik Lenberg

    UPDATE: Check out our guides on Authentication and Sharing Sounds for the most recent information.

    If you build an app or web service that generates any type of sound, it’s easy to connect it to SoundCloud and enable your users to share their creations across the web. Allowing users to share what they create to their existing social networks and the SoundCloud community brings great value in a variety of use cases. If you have an app for beat making, you can let your users post their creations to a dedicated group on SoundCloud. For aspiring music makers, it’s valuable and fun to get feedback from friends on Facebook. And for someone recording an interview with their phone, it’s super handy to be able to post the audio directly to a blog. In addition, a sharing feature is obviously practical for sending files to collaborators or moving audio between devices.