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  • January 3rd, 2012 Events Hacks Music Hack Day London 2011 By Roel van der Ven

    Last month we attended Music Hack Day London 2011. A special one, Music Hack Day was born in London 3 years ago and we were happy to attend a hack day again in it’s homeland.


    For those who do not know of Music Hack Day, it's a great weekend-long event aimed at music and sound hackers. Anyone can attend the event for free, and their goal is to conceptualize and develop innovative hacks of either software or hardware.


  • November 11th, 2011 Events Hacks Music Hack Day Boston 2011 By Chris Caselas

    Last weekend was another successful Music Hack Day Boston jam-packed with cool hacks, and hackers alike. We are always excited to get involved, meet new and interesting people, and of course hack!


  • July 29th, 2011 Events Velocity Conference 2011 – Europe By Sean Treadway

    The venerable O’Reilly Velocity Conference is coming to Berlin on the 8th and 9th of November. SoundCloud is doing what we can to help organize the speaker program and want YOU to speak.

    • Have you turned an operations challenge into a opportunity?
    • Does web performance matter to you, and you’ve done something to prove it?
    • Do you transform your running systems raw data into meaty information?

    This is an amazing opportunity to share your world class experience with European peers!

    Achtung! The call for proposals ends August 9th so hurry to send your proposals in to the official website.

  • October 8th, 2010 Events Hacks Music Hack Day Barcelona By Johan

    Team SoundCloud Hacking at Music Hack Day Barcelona

    Team SoundCloud hacking at Music Hack Day Barcelona

    Last weekend a team of SoundCloud attended Music Hack Day Barcelona. This blog post is going to talk about what a Music Hack Day is and how we experienced the one in Barcelona.

    At a Music Hack Day people from around the world gather to spend 24 hours hacking on music and tech. Projects can range from connecting APIs and creating new webapps to building new instruments or mashup audio. The first Music Hack Day happened in London in July 2009 and since then already Music Hack Days took place around the world in cities like Berlin, Amsterdam, Boston, Stockholm and San Francisco. A lot of cool projects were created and a lot of people had tons of fun together. If you don’t believe me, have a look at the newspaper that was printed for the last Music Hack Day in London. The interviews on page 4 offer a great insight into the Music Hack Day ecosystem. All Music Hack Days are free for the participants and financed by sponsors. Free food and drinks is supplied for the hackers.


    Music Hack Day Barcelona started for us with a flight from Berlin to Barcelona on Friday. Unfortunately we missed the traditional pre-hack-meet-and-drink that night. On Saturday the Hack Day was opened by a nice breakfast. Afterwards companies like, MuseScore and Canoris showcased their APIs. After lunch the hacking started. This means that there is people staring at their laptop screens everywhere and in irregular intervals you hear somebody saying “This is so cool” or “What the fuck?”. We started hacking as well, i’ll talk about our projects later in this post. Fairly regular other hackers came to our table to get support for our API, grab stickers and a T-Shirt or just have a nice chat with us. And we love that!


    Evening Concert

    Sleepy Hacker

    After lunch concerts started outside which where a pleasant change to the hardcore hacking going on in the main hall. Some hackers stayed overnight, working on their hacks or just hanging around. Monday morning kicked-off with the realization that there were only six hours left to finish the hacks. Tension increased in the hall as everyone tried to get their hack in a demo-able state. In the end 34 hacks were submitted. During the final presentations the hackers got 5 minutes each to present their hack, which often was accompanied by a cheering crowd. Afterwards the best hacks were awarded with prices including tickets for Sonar and an iPad.

    Preparing for Demos

    We presented three hacks:

    Our hacks are still in a very beta stadium. You can try them now, but expect proper announcements once we finished them.

    Reactable Workshop

    Hacking is one aspect of a Music Hack Day. Another one is workshops. People give in-depth presentations and offer hands-on workshops. Past topics include Arduino, Android Audio and a massive amount of incredibly cool APIs. And last but not least, a Music Hack Day is a great way to get to know cool and likeminded people. Everybody at a Music Hack Day is super-nice and very approachable. Everyone wants to share their knowledge and help-out each other. The atmosphere at a Music Hack Day sports a great community feeling.

    Music Hack Day Equipment: Laptop/Internet/Drink/Food

    The next Music Hack Day will happen in Boston next weekend. And be assured that more are currently in planning. Follow @musichackday on Twitter for more announcements on that and subscribe to the Music Hack Day main page’s RSS feed. If you think your city deserves a Music Hack Day as well, then you should organize one! We will be there :)

    Photos by thomasbonte and hermzz under cc-by-sa