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  • January 18th, 2018 Learning Diversity Recruiting Insights from SoundCloud’s DeveloperBridge trainee programme By Tiffany Conroy

    Back in 2016, the SoundCloud People Team and engineering management collaborated on an effort to bring more junior engineers into the company. The result was “DeveloperBridge”, a paid junior engineering programme that would run for 12 months, based out of our Berlin headquarters.

    Trainees would gain hands-on experience under the guidance of our engineers. By working on a variety of tasks in selected teams, they would experience different types of engineering tasks and technologies to develop a feel for the areas they enjoy working in most. The aim of the programme was to develop and hire the participants afterwards into full time roles at SoundCloud while improving diversity in Engineering at the same time.

    Now with their traineeship year coming to a close, we’ve asked the participants to reflect on the experience, what they learned, how they feel about their accomplishments, and where they see themselves headed next in their careers as software engineers.