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  • November 18th, 2011 Announcements SoundCloud Strategy for OmniAuth 1.0 By Lee Martin


    OmniAuth is a great little Rack library that standardizes multi-provider authentication for web applications. As OmniAuth says, "it was created to be powerful, flexible, and do as little as possible." I use it constantly on hacks that mash up multiple API providers.

    You can now add SoundCloud to the growing list of strategies OmniAuth 1.0 supports.


  • November 14th, 2011 Announcements Connect & Record with the new JavaScript SDK By Johannes Wagener

    Connect and Record

    Today we're excited to announce a big update to our JavaScript SDK. Aside from improving the existing functionality like authentication, API read requests and oEmbed, we've added some sweet new features:

    • API write support:

      Create comments, follow users, like sounds and update user profiles

    • Audio Streaming:

      Build your own player powered by SoundCloud

    • Audio recording and uploading:

      Let your users record and upload sounds to SoundCloud from your website.

    All of these features can be added to your website with only a few lines of JavaScript saving you the pain of dealing with tricky things like cross domain communication, dependency loading and cross browser workarounds.

    Want to try it out yourself? Take a look at the examples and check out the docs to get started.

    We're excited to see what apps you can build on top of this! And let us know your thoughts on how we can continue to improve our developer resources.

  • November 14th, 2011 Announcements Competition App - Host a contest, powered by SoundCloud By Lee Martin


    Competitions are a great way to get your fans involved around a particular theme or release. They encourage original content creation and tend to be extremely viral due to the high level of self-promotion involved with participating.

    The infrastructure you choose to throw these contests on should be accessible from any device while also providing a nice aesthetic backdrop to apply your branding. Users should be able to submit, vote, and comment no matter where they’re coming from: Web, iPhone, Facebook Tab, etc.

    Today we’re putting forth an open-source app called Competition which we think is a great solution to the problem.


  • October 25th, 2011 Announcements SDKs Introducing the iOS Sharing Kit By Johannes Wagener

    Not long ago we released a sharing kit for Android. Today, we're equally excited to announce a similar sharing kit for iOS.

    With the sharing kit, you can add SoundCloud sharing to your iPhone and iPad apps with only a few lines of code. We provide everything you need to let your users share their sounds to SoundCloud, including authentication, UI and connections to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


  • September 7th, 2011 Announcements SDKs Android Introducing the Android Sharing Kit By Jan Berkel

    Are you an Android developer and want to integrate SoundCloud in your own app? With the new Android Sharing Kit this has become very easy.