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  • January 24th, 2018 Search Data Science Machine Learning Analytics Data PageRank in Spark By Josh Devins

    SoundCloud is a platform consisting of hundreds of millions of tracks, people, albums, and playlists. Navigating this vast collection of music and personalities poses a large challenge, particularly when it comes to music with so many covers, remixes and original works all in one place. For search on SoundCloud, one of the ways we approach this problem is by using the PageRank algorithm, with our version affectionately known as DiscoRank (Get it? Disco as in discovery and Saturday Night Fever?!). The job of PageRank is to help rank search results from queries such as, finding all Go+ tracks called "royals". At first glance, this task might seem trivial. The first result should indeed be Lorde's original Royals, but of all the covers and remixes, which should we show at the top and in which order? What about other tracks in our catalog that have the word "royals" in them? Where should they be in our search results list?


  • October 4th, 2017 Data Science Machine Learning Analytics Data SoundCloud's Data Science Process By Josh Devins

    Here at SoundCloud, we’ve been working on helping our Data Scientists be more effective, happy, and productive. We revamped our organizational structure, clearly defined the role of a Data Scientist and a Data Engineer, introduced working groups to solve common problems (like this), and positioned ourselves to do incredible work! Most recently, we started thinking about the work that a Data Scientist does, and how best to describe and share the process that we use to work on a business problem. Based on the experiences of our Data Scientists, we distilled a set of steps, tips and general guidance representing the best practices that we collectively know of and agree to as a community of practitioners.


  • June 21st, 2016 Announcements Recommendation System Machine Learning Data Science Can a machine surprise you? We believe so. By Nicola Bortignon

    With more than 125 million tracks from over 12 million creators heard each month on our platform, SoundCloud is uniquely positioned to offer listeners a full spectrum of music discovery.

    Classic hits, the latest releases, gems from underground talent and the best of what’s up-and-coming – all in one place.

    How can you make great content discoverable and available at ease? How can you create a unique experience for every single user?