Custom Players

UPDATE: Check out our guide on Playing Sounds for the most up to date information.

We think the default audio widget from SoundCloud already is one of the sexiest on the web. But maybe you need something a bit simpler or complex and want to tailor the player to your needs. This is where the idea of “custom players” comes into play.

Here’s a few examples of custom players in the wild:

We’ve provided a few javascript libraries to get you started:


The official SoundCloud Widget Javascript API allows you to interact with our standard widgets via JavaScript. You can load tracks and sets, control playback and trigger events when something changes in the player.


SoundCloud-Custom-Player is a jQuery plugin that allows you to easily create customizable, HTML/CSS/JS based audio players. It even includes automagic support for the <audio> tag and therefore also works on iOS, Android and Palm.


Another great way to create custom players is to use any javascript audio library like SoundManager2.

Pumped? Yeh, us too. Let us know what you create, we’ll be waiting api@soundcloud.