OceaniaSmashing Pumpkins use Premiere 1.5 BETA to debut "Oceania"

Premiere 1.5

Smashing Pumpkins are using a BETA of the next version of Premiere to debut their new record “Oceania.” Here’s what’s new about the app.

Moving Stacks

I converted the app from a basic Sinatra app over to my Hipster Stack of Node.js, Jade, and Stylus for rapid development. I chose to use Backbone.js similarly to how I utilized it in Stratus 2 to define a basic player structure. It’s really nice to be able to define a single model for tracks and use it for multiple views. In this case, the model is used to create a track list item and each waveform sound element.

Meta Data

In an effort to make deploying the app even quicker, I’m pulling as much data from your SoundCloud account, album, and track as possible. Simply adjust the single setup line and everything will populate automatically.

  • The purchase link is pulled from the set. You can even give it a custom title now from SoundCloud.com.
  • Your Official Site, Twitter, and Facebook links are pulled directly from your account profile.
  • And, of course, the album and track data is used to generate all the tracks and artwork.

What I’m trying to say is be sure to fill out those SoundCloud profiles completely, and this app will make your life easier.


I was going to write an entire section on waveform coloring (exciting, I know) here, but I’ve decided to wait until next week because Johannes and I have written a new library called Waveform.js to handle this. More on that soon. ;-)

I’ve used it in Premiere 1.5 to construct the sound navigator which is heavily inspired by our team’s work on SoundCloud Next.

Permalinks with Pushstate

Each album track is given its own permalink mirrored from the its SoundCloud permalink url. This permalink also drives the URL system of Premiere 1.5 which will change automatically via history.pushState. This allows for deep linking and individual tracks to be shared.

What’s next?

I’m going to build more of the JavaScript SDK’s authenticated functions like commenting, liking, and following right into the app. Once that’s done, I’ll document the app and make it available via open-source on Github.

Premiere 1.5 represents a stepping stone to 2.0 which will see the app being hosted for the first time. This will make it as easy to deploy an album premiere as it is to launch an email for download campaign with Email Unlock.