Promoting your app in the SoundCloud App Gallery

UPDATE: We made some changes to how we manage the App Gallery. Read about them here: The Next App Gallery Update

So you’ve built a fantastic app that you would like to get showcased in the SoundCloud App Gallery? Here’s what you can do to improve your chances of getting your app featured and increase the likelihood of SoundCloud users trying out your app.

Add your App Gallery profile here.

  1. Description - Sell it - let people know what makes your app one of a kind, why should they download it? As silly as this may sound, don’t forget to explain what it does! Make use of simple HTML formatting to give the text the presentation it deserves.

    Example: Deadmau5 Remix

  2. Sound - if your app creates audio, let SoundCloud users what kinds of sounds they can expect to create! If not, why not record a short description of what the app can do that users can listen to?

    Example: NanoStudio

  3. Screenshots - the more the merrier. Remember that SoundCloud users need to understand not only what your app does, but how they can connect with SoundCloud. Adding carefully selected screenshots will tell more of a story than just a short paragraph. You can add as many screenshots as you like!

    Example: Fire2 - Field Recorder

  4. Group - create a group so that users of the app can submit tracks to it, the last five tracks from the group will show on your app page. Currently only SoundCloud admins can add a group URL, get in contact with “api [at]” to get your app’s group added to your page!

    Example: Freestyle App

  5. Sound and Vision - Add a tutorial video. There are plenty of tools available for making short screencasts available, like Jing for example.

After you have added your app, the SoundCloud admin team will check your app for adherence to SoundCloud guidelines and completeness. Once approved, your app will go live in the SoundCloud App Gallery and might get featured.