What's New with SoundCloud, October 2022

We recently made updates to our SoundCloud iOS and Android apps to address key user experience (UX) fixes according to user feedback.

We’ll be updating this blog regularly as we actively work to improve the SoundCloud experience for our users, and we’re so excited to share these improvements with everyone.

Here are our most recent updates across iOS and Android as of 4 October 2022.

Track Cell Size Reduction (iOS)

Track cell size reduction on iOS

We made the size of tracks, playlists, artwork, and creators smaller so you can access more music with less scrolling.

Labels in the Navigation Tab Bar (iOS)

Labels in the navigation tab bar iOS

We updated the navigation and included labels, making it easier to understand the purpose of each menu item, in turn streamlining your experience.

Stream Is Now Feed (iOS)

Stream is now Feed on iOS

Based on user feedback, we renamed Stream to Feed to make it more widely understood. Nothing in your stream has been removed or lost — you still have access to all the music discovery you know and love.

Smaller Page Titles (Android, iOS)

Smaller page titles on Android and iOS

Thanks to labels in the navigation bar, we made page titles smaller to make the best use of space and ensure users they’re not missing out on any music. This increases content density in the first scroll of pages like Home.

New Playlist Header (Android, iOS)

New playlist header on Android and iOS

Our updated and reduced-sized playlist header puts less space between you and your music, allowing you to access your playlist tracks — plus shuffle and play buttons — faster and easier.

More to Come

We’re excited to unveil future updates to SoundCloud, and we couldn’t do it without your support and feedback — stay tuned for what’s next!