Moving API Support to Stack Overflow

The SoundCloud Developer Community has grown immensely. We have over ten thousand registered applications and over three hundred showcased in our App Gallery. Our goal as the Platform Team is to provide the best API tools possible, while also providing support and inspiration. So far, our primary channels have been this blog, our Twitter account, and our mailing list, hosted on Google Groups.

In the coming months, you can expect some changes as we retool to accommodate the growth of our developer community. We are revisiting everything and doubling down on our efforts to provide the best, most accessible platform possible for building amazing applications that use sound in exciting new ways on the web.

Our first major change is that starting today, we are moving our primary support channel from the mailing list to Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow is a hugely popular Q&A site, powered by Stack Exchange. Developers from all communities have been using Stack Overflow to support each other and provide guidance on a great variety of programming topics.

We encourage you to start using the ‘soundcloud’ tag on Stack Overflow from now on for all questions related to the SoundCloud Platform. You can set up email notifications for new questions that show up with our tag, or you can subscribe to an RSS feed. We are monitoring questions, and will chime in when we can be of assistance. Our hope is that, using this new format, we will be able to build up a knowledge base, and will be able to take advantage of the expertise of our platform users as well as members of the broader programming community.

On April 2nd, we will be turning the Google Group into a announcement only list. You can stay subscribed and expect regular updates on new features to the platform. Our team will continue to be active on the mailing list during the transition phase.

See you all on Stack Overflow!