Hack Ideas

If you are looking for some inspiration for your next weekend hack project, here is a list of ideas that could be built using the SoundCloud platform. Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments!


  • Moodboards: blend available ambient sounds and music from SoundCloud to make ‘moodboards’, e.g. moodboard.com/fire or moodboard.com/forest
  • Street musicians of the world: world map of all the recorded street music on SoundCloud
  • Send a sound to a Facebook friend: simple way to share sounds and recordings to Facebook friends
  • Current events: audio commentary pages of world current events
  • Commentary Overlay: Artist’s audio commentary or audio listener feedback
  • Moodline: record users who move their mouses if they like a part of a track or not. create composites of moodlines.
  • Last.fm + SoundCloud: Enter your last.fm username and get suggestions on who to follow on SoundCloud
  • Record a telephone call: e.g. a prank call recordings
  • Moodboards #2: — layering sounds, innovative interface for blending SoundCloud sounds together in the browser using various HTML5 technology
  • Crowdsourced lyrics for sounds
  • Crowdsourced book reading
  • Rap battle hiphop: a la http://takesquestions.com but for rappers
  • “SoundCards”: Moocards+SoundCloud. Secret track links, invite-codes, waveform-displays and comments on the cards.
  • Moodbar analyzer for tracks.
  • A standard JS picker UI for SoundCloud tracks from your profile or from the whole site.
  • Ingestion-app for SoundCloud: Uses SoundCloud Connect to bulk add 100s of files over SFTP+manifest xml files (standard ingestion scheme).
  • WeFollow tweak for popular SoundCloud users etc.
  • Use the new Mozilla recording API to record and share on SoundCloud
  • Download limit monitor: Check if a track has been uploaded more than expected, if so, disable download
  • Rapportive plugin for GMail.
  • Discography: Turn sets into a discography page with artwork, buy link, cat no etc.
  • Slideshare Mashup: Sync presentation audio recording with the slides. Leverage http://popcornjs.org/ ?
  • Birthday messages: Facebook based app to track your friends birthdays and remind you to share an audio greeting with them
  • Instagram for Sound: http://madebymany.com/blog/what-would-instagram-sound-like


  • Audiogram: an Instagram style app to record sounds, applying audio filters and share on SoundCloud
  • Personal audio diary: inspired by the memento/everyday iphone apps


  • A file system plugin (fuse?) that lets you mount your SoundCloud account and add files to it by dragging and dropping.
  • Audio visualizer using timed comments for textual-based artistic visualization at the right point in the sound.