Desktop Sharing Kits for OS X and Windows

Last week we announced a new integration with Ableton Live 8, that lets you easily share your sounds from within Ableton Live to SoundCloud. Today we’re making the technology behind that integration available to everyone through our new Desktop Sharing Kits.

Mac Desktop Sharing Kit

Similar to our iOS & Android Sharing Kits, our Desktop Sharing Kits let you easily add “Share to SoundCloud” functionality to your Windows and OS X applications.

They come as seperate executables for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS that you include in your application and invoke to let users share a sound to SoundCloud. The sharing kits take care of everything from there by providing a nice UI and handling the entire upload process.

The kits are open sourced and available for download on GitHub (Windows and Mac. We hope to enable some great integrations with this. Let us know what you think!