Developer Contest: SoundCloud + Acapela Group Mashup

SoundCloud is teaming up with Acapela Group for our first Developer Contest. Acapela Group offers amazing text to speech solutions and have a variety of SDKs so you can write apps that create sound files using one of their voices (including hip-hop and country!). Take a listen to some sample voices.

We’re calling on our developer community to mashup SoundCloud and Acapela. Show us what you can do using a text to speech service with the best audio content platform on the web. Maybe you want to have your email read (or sung!) to you layered on some instrumental or drum tracks. We think there are loads of options for making interesting and accessible apps using these two services.

Deadline: May 15th

The deadline for submissions is May 1st May 15th. That gives you just under a month to check out our API docs and get started with a Acapela SDK. Sign up for a free Acapela evaluation account here.

When you’re app is ready to show off, send it to us using this form.


This is a chance to get creative and show us something useful and fun. We’ve got some great prizes lined up for the top 3 picks:

All of our top picks will be showcased on this blog. Special thanks to our contest sponsor Monster and our partner Acapela!

iSport by Monster Purity by Monster

Update: We’ve moved the contest deadline to May 15th. You have a couple more weeks to get those entries in!