Coding for GOOD - SoundCloud API

The web has come a long way. We have APIs that allow developers to create amazing applications quickly, and browser technologies have advanced to the point where JavaScript / HTML and CSS are necessary tools for creating apps. Despite this, there’s still a skills gap and companies are having an increasingly hard time hiring for technical positions.

This is the main reason the folks at GOOD teamed up with the Apollo Group to launch Coding for GOOD. A series of coding lessons and final project. Participants with the top three submissions will be flown to Los Angeles to participate in a hackathon. The best of the three hacks may be offered a job at GOOD.

We were excited when GOOD approached us about contributing a lesson on the SoundCloud API, so I sat down with them in their New York office and did a quick walkthrough on using the JavaScript SDK to create a simple SoundCloud app. Check it out, and if you know of anyone new to using web APIs, have them take a look too.