We ♥ OAuth 2

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From today on, we advise developers to use OAuth 2 as preferred way of API authentication. Our implementation of the Draft 10 OAuth 2 specification is in production for several months months now and we made good experiences with it. Thus we move it from beta to official recommendation.

OAuth 2 makes it easier for developers to implement authentication for accessing private resources. The feedback we got from external app developers and our in-house API users has been very positive. This is what Ullrich, one of the developers of the SoundCloud iPhone app and Cocoa wrapper, has to say about OAuth2:

We love OAuth 2! It takes away the hassle from the previous version and leaves the awesomeness.

You can see OAuth 2 in action in our iPhone and Mac apps.

How to use OAuth 2 with SoundCloud is described in detail in our API wiki. It is so easy to implement, that you might not even require a wrapper/library. But if you prefer to use one: the Cocoa and PHP wrappers have full OAuth 2 support. The Java one has partial support. And more wrappers are in development …