Hack Your Way to Berlin

Berlin is playing host to the oh-so-sold-out JSConf.eu conference happening October 1-2. Some members of the SoundCloud engineering crew well be on-site and we thought it would be great if you could come too.

We have an extra ticket for the JSConf.eu conference that we are going to raffle away in a hack competition. The rules of engagement are simple: use this podcast on the periodic table from Roman Mars and build a page that presents it in an awesome way. Be it with a very creative playback method, aggregating content around the sound or building the nicest design we’ve ever seen. The only constraints are that you use JavaScript and that the page is served from GitHub Pages. We want to see the most interesting and incredible page that you can build to play this track.

The page with the most creativity and “pop” will win the JSConf.eu ticket. We will get you from where you are in Europe to Berlin for the conference and find a nice place for you to sleep.

Send your entry to eliot@soundcloud.com by 23:59:59 Central European Time on September 18.


Contest requirements:

  • You reside in Europe
  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You are allowed to travel to Germany
  • You want to come to the JSConf.eu conference


  • Build awesome page with JavaScript highlighting this track
  • Deploy to GitHub Pages
  • Send a link to your page & repo to eliot@soundcloud.com until September 18
  • Win JSConf.eu ticket, flight & accommodation for 3 nights

Judging will be done by SoundCloud staff by September 22. Have questions? Send them to eliot@soundcloud.com